27 February 2012

Good Morning!
At this time in the morning I'm almost leaving to school, which starts at 8h45 everyday. 
Today we'll be taking Cold Kitchen class until 5pm. It may seem a lot of hours but the time runs in these classes!

I just wanted to show you this.
Here's one of my typical breakfasts:

- large cup of delicious black coffee (caffeine never did anything for me, but I keep my hopes high and almost every morning there I am, at home or at the school cafeteria, asking for a strong black coffee to wake me up a little bit)
- Oeuf à La Coque, like les francius say, a soft boiled egg, which takes 3 to 4 minutes to be ready, depending if you like your white runnier or creamier. It's really quick to make in the morning and definitely gives you strength for the upcoming morning! Put salt and pepper and (if you're not on a diet!) eat it with toasts and butter, or soldiers as they say in Australia!
- Tomato and Basil salad. This one I make while my egg is boiling. You cut one tomato with any cut of your choice (come on, it's Monday MORNING! Can't ask for more!), slice some basil leaves to your taste, add some "fleur de sel" and olive oil 

you're ready!

If you still don't know the greatness that is Fleur de Sel, it is found in the top of the salines (salt mines), those big mounts of salt near rivers near the sea. Fleur de Sel is, literally, the Flour of the Salt, the thin, crumbling top part of the salt mines, full of beautiful crystals that melt in your mouth. For me, this is the best salt you can get, and is pretty easy to find in my city in Portugal hehe (I hope in your homes too!)

Salt mines / salines

Men working during salt harvesting

Jars and sackcloth bags to keep the Fleur de Sel moist

its final aspect!

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