26 February 2012

Hello, Olá, Bonjour et bienvenue

As my first post I just want to say to anyone who's reading that this blog is a place for me to share recipes and food articles but not only.
Since I'm studying Culinary Arts, I can have the excuse of also publishing some things regarding arts! (and since almost everything nowadays is/can be considered art, this will be just a place for me to post my ideas and what I see daily!)

I did pink pasta yesterday, a simple fresh pasta recipe with ground beets as my natural dye. Today I'll tend it and probably make tagliatelli! I'll show you later..

I leave you with a picture I took with my blackberry (yes! that's it! I named my blog after my phone because a lot of times, specially during classes, I take photos of what we make thanks to my bb). A pic of the firt time I made pasta at home and cut it with the pasta amchine I got for Christmas

Have a nice weekend

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  1. gracias Mª José! fico contente que te tenha encantado o blog, boa sorte com o sorteo!
    te sigo


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